Pest Control

Trust our expert team to deliver tailored, regulation-exceeding pest control solutions that keep your business secure and compliant.

Your Pest-Free Solution

We offer a wide variety of flexibility in our Pest Control Services, ranging from one-time emergency treatment to multiple treatments, and all-inclusive preventative maintenance programs. We have expertise in all types of structures, from residential homes to industrial factories. There is no problem too large for our team to handle.

With our highly trained team of technicians, we can tackle pest problems in any capacity, from the food service industry to property management and more; we establish the best pest control program to surpass even the strictest commercial regulations.

How We Help


Eradicate rodents efficiently with Biochem's expert and eco-friendly removal techniques.


Protect your space with Biochem’s thorough, environmentally responsible insect extermination services.


Resolve wildlife issues humanely with Biochem's effective and eco-conscious wildlife removal solutions.

Pest Control

The Biochem Difference

Biochem’s philosophy in Pest Control revolves around environmentally-friendly solutions delivered by our expertly trained and certified technicians. Through our IPM system, we aim to use the structure and the landscape to our advantage in efforts to limit the use of pesticides.

Biochem Pest Control is solutions-oriented. We aim to solve the problem at its source, and not simply to continually treat an ongoing chronic problem. After problems are solved, we then turn our attention to monitoring and preemptive actions to deter any further intrusions.

Biochem’s holistic Pest Management program evaluates your unique business and the specific problem you may have. Contact us to request a free evaluation. We are a Canadian company and proudly serve the GTA.

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Solving the problem, effectively and environmentally consciously.