Odour Control

Experience unparalleled freshness with our odour control products, designed to tackle even the most persistent odours. Our innovative solutions ensure your facility remains inviting and impeccably clean.

The Product

Our premium odour control lineup includes state-of-the-art air fresheners and the cutting-edge Vapour Bio Odour system. These products are at the forefront of vapour technology, providing continuous freshness and a welcoming atmosphere in your space.


Air Fresheners

Efficient and Aromatic: Our wall-mounted, water-based air fresheners are not only easy to install but also deliver a long-lasting, delightful fragrance. They are perfect for any facility looking to enhance its environment with minimal effort.

  • Easy Installation: Designed for quick and straightforward setup, allowing you to enjoy immediate odour control.
  • Sustained Freshness: Engineered to provide a lasting fragrance, keeping your space pleasant for extended periods.
  • Eco-Friendly: Contains no harmful VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), ensuring safety and environmental responsibility.
Vapor Bio Odour

Vapour Bio Odour

Innovative Odour Neutralization: The Vapour Bio Odour system features a sophisticated vapour-based delivery mechanism that operates at timed intervals, making it one of the most effective solutions available for a broad range of facilities.

  • Vapour-Based System: Utilizes a cutting-edge vapour delivery method to ensure consistent odour control throughout your facility.
  • Versatile Application: Ideal for various settings, from small rooms to large spaces, providing flexible and effective odour management.