Odour Control

Our odour control products are made to help combat odours that present themselves in abundance. Our products will leave your facility smelling clean, making it a fresh and inviting environment.

The Product

Our top-tier odour control products include air fresheners that are easy to install, and are built with long-lasting odour control. We are at the forefront of vapour technology, the Vapour Bio Odour has a vapour-based delivery system to keep your space smelling fresh at all times.

Air Fresheners

Our wall-mounted water based air fresheners are fantastic, easy to install products that emit a wonderful aroma worthy of any facility.

  • Easy-to-install
  • Long-lasting odour control
  • Contains no Harmful VOC’s

Vapour Bio Odour

Our new Vapour Bio Odour machine is built with a vapour-based delivery system at timed intervals. One of the most powerful units in the marketplace, it combats odours in a wide range of facility spaces.

  • Vapour-based delivery system
  • Suitable for a wide range of facilities