Automatic Products

Leave the touchless application to us with our automatic products. Hands-free provides a cleaner and safer experience.

The Product

Hands-free products are a sure fire way to reduce cross contamination. Make your washrooms a care-free experience while allowing your guests to avoid unnecessary contact. We have a full line of sleek automatic options for any of your hygiene needs.

Sanitizer Dispenser

An automatic dispenser with a touch-free operation to avoid bacteria cross contamination. Available in 1000ml and 1200ml options.

  • Up to 1200ml large capacity
  • Contemporary durable cover
  • Specialized key access

Soap Dispenser

Our soap dispensers are versatile and mounted for use with hand sanitizers and environmentally friendly hand soaps.

  • Various gel and foam soaps are available
  • Environmentally friendly
  • The biodegradable solution is hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and non-fragrant

Stand-up Dispensers Offered In
Two Sleek Designs

Sanitizer Dispenser

An efficient and easy-to-install stand that provides you with a space-saving option.

  • 1200 ML storage capacity
  • Contemporary durable cover
  • Automatic dispenser with a completely touch-free operation to avoid bacteria cross contamination


When it comes to durability and high volume output, you need not look further than our industrial grade foot pedal dispenser.

  • 4 litre capacity¬†
  • Industrial durability
  • Option to bolt to the floor

Our Faucets

Bio Auto Faucet

Our Bio Auto Faucet provides you with a touchless experience, reducing cross-contamination, and helping conserve water through a lower flow rate.

Bio Auto Solar Faucet

Our Bio Auto Solar Faucet comes built with a solar panel and a battery backup to help conserve energy.

Bio Auto Soap Dispenser

Our Bio Auto Soap Dispenser is a countertop touchless unit, providing you with easy access to soap, avoiding any cross contamination.