Hygiene Services

Hygiene is vital to our daily lives, and we regard our hygiene services with the utmost importance to ensure your facilities are protected with the best we have to offer.

Your Healthy Solution

We want to help ensure your space maintains an aura of sanitary excellence with our exceptional hygiene services. We have created specialized products to ensure that your hygienic practices can be maintained, no matter where you are.

Our Hygiene Services

From Feminine Napkin Disposal to combating odours in compactor rooms, our facility management services will assist in every corner of your building.


At the peak of hygiene, the Bioguard Disposal System allows for easy disposal of feminine napkins.


Helping you eliminate unpleasant odours in both urinals and toilet bowls.

Air Treatment

Combatting unpleasant odours in the air to leave your facility smelling fresh and clean.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Solving the problem, effectively and environmentally consciously.