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Web accessibility

Web Accessibility Policy

Biochem Environmental Solutions Inc. is fully committed to ensuring accessibility on our website for all users, including those with disabilities. Our primary aim is to provide an inclusive online experience that respects the dignity and independence of all individuals. We are dedicated to adhering to Ontario’s accessibility laws and the principles of integration, equality of opportunity, and independence.

Our website will be designed and maintained with accessibility in mind, following the core principles outlined in our policy. We will ensure that the information and services offered on our website are accessible to all, irrespective of their abilities or disabilities. This includes providing alternative formats for content upon request and ensuring that our website is compatible with assistive technologies.

Feedback on the accessibility of our website is highly encouraged and welcomed. Users can provide feedback through various channels, and we will make every effort to respond promptly and address any accessibility concerns. Biochem Environmental Solutions Inc. remains committed to continuous improvement in web accessibility, striving to create a digital environment that is inclusive and accessible for everyone.

To find out more please email us and or call us at 1.888.BIO.8883