Our Services

From sanitizing to pest control to bio waste, we specialize in many facility services to keep your facilities clean and safe.

Sanitizing Services

When harmful viruses have made their way into your facility, rest assured using Biochems sanitizing service to  the threat.

Odour Control

Combat any unwanted, unpleasant odours from your space with our state-of-the-art odour control services.

Pest Control

Biochem offers premium Integrated Pest Management programs, focused on solving the issue at its core in the more environmentally conscious method possible.

Hygiene Services

Trust Biochem to be your partner in keeping your facility in pristine condition through our versatile hygiene programs.

First Aid

Accidents happen, so be prepared! Our first aid services will ensure you are taken care of incase of any unforeseen circumstances.


Sharps removal is vital for any facility, allow us to remove hazardous objects from your facility safely and diligently.

Bio Waste

Our Bio hazardous waste disposal service will safely and effectively remove harmful waste from your facility. Our certified technicians will see to the extraction of bio waste quickly and professionally.