Air Treatment

Our air treatment services will have your facility smelling clean and fresh, throughout the day. There’s no better choice to help keep your air healthy and free of unpleasant odours.

Your Fresh Solution

There’s no better partner to keep your facilities smelling fresh and clean than Biochem! Our air treatment services are second to none and ensure that odours are taken care of.

Our Air Treatment Services

Combatting unpleasant airborne odours to leave your facility smelling fresh and clean using our exceptional products: Freshair, Bio Breeze, and Vapor Bio Odour.

Fresh Air

A micro-controlled fan system that distributes fragrances to keep your space smelling fresh. 

Bio Breeze

The Bio Breeze is a robust and water-based unit, releasing scented vapour at timed intervals, leaving your facility smelling clean.

Vapor Bio Odour

Combatting unpleasant odours in the air to leave your facility smelling fresh and clean.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Here at Biochem, we ensure that satisfaction is guaranteed, always.