Feminine Napkin Dispenser

Ensure peace of mind with our secure, lockable unit that reliably dispenses feminine napkins, accommodating your guests’ needs discreetly and efficiently.

The Product

Our Feminine Napkin Dispenser offers a straightforward and effective way to meet the essential hygiene needs of your guests. Designed for convenience and reliability, it ensures that feminine napkins are always available, providing comfort and peace of mind to your guests whenever needed.

Napkin Dispenser

Napkin Dispenser

The Napkin Dispenser is engineered for ease of use, offering immediate access to feminine hygiene products around the clock. This dispenser is an indispensable amenity for any facility, enhancing guest experience by addressing urgent needs with simplicity and efficiency.

  • Customizable Fee Options:
    Tailor the dispensing fees to fit the needs of your facility. Whether you choose to offer products for free or at a cost, our dispenser provides flexible settings to accommodate your specific operational preferences.
  • Exclusive Use of Brand Name Products:
    Our dispenser is stocked exclusively with trusted, well-known brands like Tampax and Maxi, ensuring that your guests are provided with high-quality products. This commitment to quality helps in maintaining a high standard of care and trust with your users.