Bio Waste

Our Bio hazardous waste disposal service will safely and effectively remove harmful waste from your facility. Our certified technicians will see to the extraction of bio waste quickly and professionally.

Your Eco-Friendly Solution

Biochem Environmental Solutions has provided waste solutions for many businesses around the country since 1996. We aim to not only solve your waste solutions but to do so in an environmentally friendly way. Waste from your facility will not be sent to landfill, but instead will be sent for incineration to help power the hydro grid.

The Benefits

Our regular collection and frequencies make it effortless to meet your needs. We protect your staff and guests with tamper proof containers while creating a safer and sanitary environment. Our specially trained technicians ensure that there is no risk in transit and handling, so you can rest assured knowing the waste will be disposed of efficiently.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Here at Biochem, we ensure that satisfaction is guaranteed, always.