Our Soaps

Discover a hand soap that combines luxury with environmental responsibility, designed to leave your hands feeling nourished and refreshed.

The Product

Indulge your hands with our specially formulated hand soap collection. Choose Gentle Touch for a soothing cleanse, Pearl White for luxurious moisturization, or BioClear for an eco-friendly wash. Each option ensures your hands are left fragrantly fresh and impeccably clean.

Bio Clear Soap

Gentle Touch Hand Soap

Experience the delicate efficiency of Gentle Touch Hand Soap, a blend of cosmetic-grade detergents crafted for gentle yet effective hand cleansing. Perfect for everyday use, this soap offers:

  • Economical Soap: Cost-effective, ideal for high-volume settings.
  • Great for High Volume Usage: Keeps up with the demands of busy environments.
  • Contains Fragrance: Leaves hands with a pleasant, fresh scent after each wash.

Choose Gentle Touch for a hand soap that combines practicality with sensory pleasure.

Bio Clear Soap

Pearl White Hand Soap

Treat your hands to the soothing touch of Pearl White Hand Soap, crafted with beauty-grade detergents for effective yet gentle cleansing. This luxurious soap offers:

  • Luxury Soap: Transforms routine hand washing into a premium experience.
  • Very Gentle: Designed to cleanse without drying, preserving skin’s natural moisture.
  • Moisturizing Components: Leaves hands feeling soft, rejuvenated, and nourished.
  • Pleasant Fragrance: Delivers a subtle, enjoyable scent that enhances the washing experience.

Pearl White is the ideal choice for a moisturizing, gentle, and beautifully scented handwashing experience.

BioClear Soap

Choose BioClear Soap for your eco-conscious cleansing needs. Formulated with the environment in mind, this soap is the least impactful option and is available in a convenient foam format. It offers:

  • Eco Green Compliant: Meets strict environmental standards.
  • No Fragrance, No Color: Designed for purity, perfect for sensitive users and environments.
  • The Perfect Option for a “Green” Facility: Supports sustainable practices with uncompromised cleaning effectiveness.

BioClear is the ideal choice for facilities prioritizing environmental responsibility in their hygiene solutions.