Odour Control Services

Combat any unwanted, unpleasant odours from your space with our state-of-the-art odour control services.

Your Freshness Solution

Let us create a welcoming environment with our odour control services. Our goal is to turn your space into a fresh scented area with our cutting edge odour-control products. We ensure that odour-causing bacteria are reduced and that your area will feel cleaner than ever.

The Biochem Difference

Our odour control services come with vapour-based applications that make it easier for you to combat any unappealing odours. With the amazing feature of timed intervals, your space will always be smelling great and feeling clean all the while maintaining an objective of being economical and eco-friendly.

All of the solutions that we use for our odour control services are manufactured in-house, so you can rest assured knowing you’re getting the products at their source.

Products That Help

Vapour Bio Odour

Our new Vapour Bio Odour Control machine is built with a vapour-based delivery system at timed intervals. One of the most powerful units in the marketplace, it combats odours in a wide range of facility spaces.


A micro-controlled fan system that distributes fragrances to keep your space smelling fresh. We have a variety of options to choose from, all with a wonderful aroma to combat unpleasant odours. We also offer a fragrance free odour neutralizer for those facilities that are sensitive to scent.

Bio Breeze

The Bio Breeze is a robust and water-based unit, releasing scented vapour at timed intervals, leaving your facility smelling clean. With scents ranging from strong to soft we will ensure that we have just the right fragrance to suit your facility.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Here at Biochem, we strive towards promising only guaranteed satisfaction, always.