3 Eco-Friendly Solutions that Neutralize Odours

Imagine you’ve put in a lot of hard work into your business and secured a facility for your events or operations. Your ideas are now brought to life and you’re ready to start welcoming your guests. Suddenly, a guest notices an unexpected foul smell that even you can’t find the source of. What a nightmare.

You know that things like these can affect your reputation and business. Foul odours can distract and drive away your guests. A 2000-person survey conducted by The Harris Poll showed that 93% of its respondents say a foul odour would negatively impact their perception of a business. The survey also states that the respondents would assume the facility is not properly clean and they would look for an alternative business. 50% of them say they would spend less time in the facility and 46% would tell their friends, family, or colleagues about the incident. 1 out of 3 people would never return to that place of business again.

Biochem Environmental Solutions Inc. developed a line of odour control solutions that absorb and eliminate malodours. Biochem has over 25 years of experience manufacturing hygiene products to serve its clients. Biochem has applied its expertise to create a line of commercial-grade odour solutions that they can use to ensure your facility smells clean and fresh. Your guest will appreciate that!

All Biochem’s odour elimination products are eco-friendly, biodegradable, and manufactured right here in Canada. They don’t contain any Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). VOCs are chemicals emitted into the air from products or processes. These chemicals have harmful, long and short-term effects on our health.  They may cause irritations, nausea, headaches, dizziness, allergic reactions, and even cancers.  Concentrations of VOCs are higher indoors and can be released from sources such as aerosol sprays, cleaners, disinfectants, and other common maintenance items.

Biochem’s products are made from commercial-grade raw materials and luxury-grade scents to ensure long-lasting odour control. They use vapour technology as a safe method of application to make odour control in any facility effective and respectful of the environment and others.

Here are Biochem’s 3 Eco-friendly solutions you should be using.

  1. FreshAir

FreshAir uses a micro-controlled fan system that ensures a continuous and even fragrance distribution. Unlike a spray system, FreshAir does not contain VOCs. It will respect the environment, offer a safe environment for your guests, and won’t stain your walls and floor. FreshAir uses an eco-friendly formula that contains metazene to neutralise odours as an alternative to harmful spay products. Biochem will install them free of charge their units to your walls. They offer a variety of fragrances to choose from (including a scent-free option) that you can change depending on the seasons or your desires.

  1. Bio Breeze

Bio Breeze is a robust and eco-friendly unit that releases scented vapour at timed intervals. Installed with Bluetooth technology, Biochem technicians can program the units to release scents 24/7 at strengths suited to your facility. This odour control solution was designed to address large areas and tougher odour issues. It is ideal for lobbies, public washrooms, and high-traffic spaces.

  1. Vapour Bio Odour

The all-new Vapour Bio Odour control unit diffuses vapour at timed intervals. It is one of the most powerful vapour-based delivery systems in the marketplace. This compact unit is used to combat odours in a wide range of facility spaces such as loading docks, waste compactor rooms, or industrial facilities. It is an eco-friendly option, and its slim design makes it easy to fit discreetly around your facility.

What’s in it for you?

Traditional air fresheners, incense, and other spray products only mask one smell with another. Due to the presence of VOCs, they can cause discomfort for your guests and employees who have asthma and other related respiratory problems. Biochem eco-friendly solutions use organic materials and completely neutralise odour in the air, and on surfaces, and fabrics, which results in a fresh scent.  Other benefits of Biochem’s unique technology include:

  • Patented system for more odour absorption and safer odour control
  • Constant flow for permanent odour control
  • Peace of mind with Biochem’s on-site service

Trust the pros

Odour control should be part of your facility’s regular maintenance. By partnering with a professional team like Biochem, you will benefit from the expertise of a manufacturer. Biochem knows what they are talking about: they manufacture it. And all of this results in elevating your staff and guest experiences.

Biochem is recognized as an industry leader in bringing innovative and green patented hygiene products. They have offices all over Canada. Contact your local Biochem office or call their Head Office at 416-747-6600 for more information or a quote on any of their products and services.

Biochem Commercial/Industrial Disinfectant Wipes

Although our planet is undeniably beautiful, wherever you go microbes such as bacteria and viruses pose health risks that can get downright ugly. The pandemic from which we are now slowly emerging from is clear evidence of this. As facilities of all kinds, including gyms, are re-opening, facility operators must protect their employees and customers/visitors from disease-carrying microbes (pathogens) on all high-volume touch points, such as gym equipment or machines, railings, desks, counter tops, lockers, payment machines, drinking fountains and door handles.

For most pathogens to impact your health they must land on a surface and be able to survive on it until you touch them. Many pathogens can survive for days on surfaces of all kinds. After that, they still have to make it from the touch point to whatever area of the body the pathogen targets before they can thrive. The key to preventing pathogens from thriving at the expense of human health is to remove them from surfaces before people touch them. The simplest and quickest way to do this is with a disinfecting wipe. Disinfectant wipes clean surfaces by removing visible dirt and killing the microbes that pose health risks. 

Biochem offers three types of high-grade industrial disinfectant wipes, as well as a disposal solution, that virtually eliminate pathogens (99.9% kill rate) on common surfaces found in commercial and industrial facilities. Whatever your facility’s specific needs are, Biochem offers wholesale industrial disinfectant wipes in bulk or wholesale to meet them.

Orion Wipes

Industrial Disinfectant Wipes

Orion Wipes are hydrogen peroxide disinfectant wipes specifically designed for daily use on a broad range of common surfaces. Hydrogen peroxide is one of the safest and most natural cleaning products and is free from dangerous, toxic chemicals. This means it won’t damage the environment or pollute the air and carries no risk of causing cancer.‏ Orion Wipes have no harsh fumes, bleach or added fragrances and are non-corrosive. They also have amazing cleaning and cleansing properties and wipe out virtually all microorganisms inhabiting common surfaces, which is why they are so widely used in hospitals, medical facilities, dental offices, veterinary offices and long-term care facilities. And of course, like all Biochem commercial/industrial disinfecting wipes, they are Health Canada registered.

Rapid Klere Wipes

Rapid Klere Wipes are alcohol-free disinfecting wipes that can be used to quickly clean and sanitize a variety of hard, non-porous surfaces, such as floors, walls, countertops, steel, chrome, mirrors, and glass. Even without a chemical like alcohol they are effective against germs, bacteria, and other microbes. Rapid Klere Wipes are fragrance-free and non-flammable.

Rapid Kleanz Wipes

Rapid Kleanz Wipes are alcohol-based instant sanitizing wipes. When soap and water are not available, Rapid Kleanz Wipes can clean and sanitize hands. This makes them a practical on the go sanitizing solution. What’s more, they are fragrance- and dye-free and contain a specially formulated moisturizer that leaves the skin feeling soft and refreshed.

Wipe Stand

Biochem has created a stand-alone wipes stand for facility entranceways that sports a sleek chrome finish. The stand comes with a disposal compartment and clearly states to facility visitors that you consider hygiene and their health a top priority. Perfect for gyms and fitness centres, offices, schools or lecture halls, and stores.


With businesses beginning to open up at full capacity, we at Biochem know disinfecting surfaces will continue to be a top priority. With a variety of industrial disinfectant wipes to choose from, Biochem has a disinfectant solution that will suit your business’s needs or circumstances. Click here to contact the Biochem team today to learn more about our commercial and industrial disinfectant wipes or request a quote on one of our products listed above.

Biochem’s 25th Anniversary

The year 2021 marks a pivotal point in Biochem’s history as we cross the quarter century mark. From very small beginnings we have built something special together.

For 25 years Biochem has strived to deliver quality products and services to its partners while also pursuing a greener future. Biochem would like to thank you for being apart of our company’s success. Your support and trust drive us to pursue new heights within our industry. We appreciate your loyalty throughout the years and we look forward to sharing what Biochem’ s future has in store.

To many more years together!