Solutions Driven Preventative Pest Control

Pests are a problem for many homeowners and businesses with a physical presence. Apart from being destructive and disease vectors, they are aesthetically displeasing and, if you’re a company, compromise the image you are seeking to promote. Avoidance of the issue can only worsen the effects, be they insects, rodents or wildlife. They won’t subside unless you take action.

Preventative Pest Control Solutions

But what action to take? Consulting pest control professionals is always a wise choice. But not all companies are created equal in terms of their environmental bona fides. This is where Biochem separates itself from the pack. We make every effort to implement solutions driven treatments through our Integrated Pest Management protocols that reflect our concern for both our clients and our planet. Through this approach we the structure and landscape to our advantage, and limit the use of harmful chemicals.

Biochem’s Environmental Policy

Biochem is proudly Canadian and serves businesses and homeowners within the GTA. We are committed to complying with all current applicable laws and regulations, as well as rules put forth by the Ministry of the Environment. Wherever possible we strive to surpass the current requirements regarding environmental protection. Towards this end, we are constantly in pursuit of new approaches to environmentally sustainable preventative pest control solutions.

Biochem’s holistic Integrated Pest Management

The adjective holistic is derived from the noun holism, an approach to problem management that emphasizes the importance of the whole and the interdependence of its parts. With regards to Biochem pest control practices, this means that instead of only treating pests directly, we also want to know how and why they are there. To figure this out we conduct a thorough inspection of your facility and the surrounding landscape to determine why you have a pest problem. This invariably involves us asking you questions about your facility, including its history. Structural and sanitary concerns may need addressing to help limit harborage. The comprehensive information we collect from asking questions allows us to focus on the cause of a problem, not just its symptoms.

Biochem’s holistic, systemic approach usually means that the first tool we wield in our battle against pests is a flashlight! In most cases, we thoroughly inspect a client’s facilities inside and out before making any recommendations or applications. Such an inspection gives us the information we need to devise a strategy that may include non-chemical control methods, such as changing sanitation or cultural practices, to obtain better results with less pesticide. We aim to solve the problem at its source and not simply continually treat a chronic problem. After the problem is solved, we then turn our attention to monitoring and pre-emptive actions to deter any further intrusions.

Scope of Biochem’s Green Pest Control services

We offer a wide variety of pest control services, ranging from one-time emergency treatment to multiple treatments, and all-inclusive preventative maintenance programs. We have expertise in all types of structures, from residences to factories. There is no problem too large or small for our highly trained team of technicians to handle in sectors such as the food service industry, property management and more. No matter what your business, we can put in place the most suitable pest control program for it—one that surpasses even the strictest commercial regulations.


Biochem delivers long-lasting environmentally sensitive preventative pest control solutions whether you require regular check-ups, emergency service or seasonal treatments. Our holistic pest management program evaluates your unique business and the specific problem you may have. We are solutions oriented and aim to solve pest problems at their source and not simply to continually treat an ongoing chronic problem. After problems are solved, we then turn our attention to monitoring and pre-emptive actions to deter any further intrusions. Not only that, we’re a friendly team of professionals ready and able to promptly respond to your inquiries and give you a free evaluation. Click here to contact us. We look forward to meeting you.